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The people we love – particularly parents – love us in their own way, even if not in the way we need them to. They are doing the best they can and they often mean us well, even if it seems sometimes like they are trying to deter us from our dreams.

See, they can’t see what we see in our dreams at night; the cant feel the passion and enthusiasm we feel. They’re not like us. They don’t have our desires, our need for something more than we can explain. Their love and need to protect us causes them to only see the challenges, the things that could go wrong, the reasons why we should play it safe.

So be gentle with the people who love you, when they try to demonstrate that love by holding you back.
Move forward anyway, but do it in love, with regard for them. Because they really do mean well, especially when it feels quite the opposite.
Penned this after a conversation with my mother who is convinced I need to come home because I have to now dip into my ‘reserve fund’. In her eyes, that’s a clear sign that this is not working. In my eyes, it’s a sign to keep pushing. We see things differently, but I don’t love her any less.


This post is part of the Insta-Losophies series – a curation of my more verbose Instagram posts. I wanted a record of them in case Instagram decides to cop out on us. Plus, they kinda read like bog posts so I thought, why the hell not?

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