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Your Jamaican Passport is More Powerful Than You Think

Contrary to popular belief, the Jamaican passport is not as ‘useless’ as many would have you believe. If you’re one of the many Jamaicans who thinks our passport is one of the weakest in the world I've got news for you. The Henley Passport Index (their website is a...

On Parents and Chasing Dreams

The people we love - particularly parents - love us in their own way, even if not in the way we need them to. They are doing the best they can and they often mean us well, even if it seems sometimes like they are trying to deter us from our dreams. See, they can’t see...

How Not to Pack for 8 Months Abroad

Every time I approach the check-in counter for a flight I secretly pray that I will have some good karma for all those overweight bags I let slip by on my watch while working the check-in counter in my former life as an airline agent. So far, the universe has been...

Visiting Dubai on a Jamaican Passport

I figured I'd write this post since I've gotten quite a few questions on visiting Dubai. For many, the pull of the country is its opulence and grandeur. Dubai boasts the world's tallest building and the biggest and grandest of everything measurable (ok, not...

Facing Fears

Psst! Grab the audio here if you don't have time to read. It's 3:30AM here in Tokyo Japan and it's my birthday. I have lived to see another year and for that I am eternally grateful. This year has been a life-altering one for me.  It turns out, one of the easiest (and...

The Start of Something New

Psst! Grab the audio here if you don't have time to read. Serendipity A year ago, almost to the day, I read an article in the Emirates Airlines in-flight magazine, Open Skies. The article was about a photographer who walked away from the comfort of her day job to...

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