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Turning Strangers into Friends

Turning Strangers into Friends Do you know how when you buy a particular car you start seeing more of them on the road? In some ways traveling is kind of like that. It awakens your awareness to things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Like the flooding a typhoon...

Why I still stay in hostels when I travel

"So what do you do with your stuff when you're going to sleep or going out?" This was a question from a friend who'd never stayed in a hostel and who swore he could never do it. I've heard this or similar questions from friends time and time again, and it's one that...

Dear Anna [Jan 2, 2018]

When I originally mentioned on Instagram that I write myself letters all the time and open them later at a set date (kind of like a time capsule with wishes of sorts) I got some questions about what to include in such a letter. As nervous as this oversharing makes me...

What I Know For Sure After 8 Months of Solo Travel

These past 8 months the lessons have been many. Some were difficult to learn, others funny, and some just downright embarrassing. Nevertheless, I survived my first 8 months abroad traveling solo and came away with many lessons. Here are the ten things I know for sure...

6 Visa-Free Asian Countries for Jamaicans

It is no secret that Southeast Asia and South America are two of the more affordable regions to travel to if you’re on a budget. Incidentally, both regions have quite a few visa-free countries for Jamaican passport holders that make them both good options for budget...

Traveling While Black

When you’re born and raised in the Caribbean there are elements of your identity that you take for granted. Your Blackness is more of a simple fact than an indictment on your character. It hardly defines you. Sure, within the Caribbean space we have our own set of...

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