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Jamaican Girl Abroad

Travel, Dream Chasing & Living On Purpose


I’m Anna. It seems you’ve stumbled upon my little spot here in the webisphereThis is where I talk travel, dream chasing, and living our best lives. (Yes, I said our, because we’re in this together now.)

You don’t need to go crazy and quit your 9 to 5 to travel full time like I did (or maybe you do. If that’s the case I won’t judge). But if there’s a dream you’re scared of chasing, or a purpose you’re nervous about stepping into I have news for you. It can be done! I am living proof.

It’s only impossible until it’s done

Prior to 2017, I had never traveled further than North America & the Caribbean. I had big dreams but I was too scared to make them happen. Then for my 32nd birthday vacation I visited Asia and something had to give. A lot has happened this past  year and I can’t wait for what the future holds!




From the blog…


Why I still stay in hostels when I travel

"So what do you do with your stuff when you're going to sleep or going out?" This was a question from a friend who'd never stayed in a hostel and who swore he could never do it. I've heard this or similar questions from friends time and time again, and it's one that...

Dear Anna [Jan 2, 2018]

When I originally mentioned on Instagram that I write myself letters all the time and open them later at a set date (kind of like a time capsule with wishes of sorts) I got some questions about what to include in such a letter. As nervous as this oversharing makes me...

What I Know For Sure After 8 Months of Solo Travel

The first 8 months of my solo travel journey, the lessons were many. Some were difficult to learn, others funny, and some just downright embarrassing. Nevertheless, I survived my first 8 months abroad traveling solo and came away with many lessons. Here are the ten things I know for sure now, having taken this journey.

Travel Guides

(Coming Soon)

I get lots of questions about specific destinations. How much should I budget? Is it safe? What do they eat? These guides will be cool easy-to-scan two-pagers that cover all the important suff.
You’re welcome wink

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


This is probably the best place to catch me as I try to post regularly and I’m super responsive to comments and DMs. Also, I like to think I drop gems in my captions. You be the judge.